Wine Descriptions

At Bordertown Vineyards you can expect to find red and white wines of distinction. Our views are as good as the wines.

We make wines only from grapes we’ve grown ourselves. Our wines are enjoyable and engaging. All our wines are available for purchase from our online store and at the winery.

Cab Franc Rose 2019

Our fabulous Cabernet Franc fruit is used for this delightful classic Provence style rose that starts with a light pink colour, aromas of melon and strawberries, and a crisp backbone supporting bright red fruits.

This Merlot balances ripe red fruits, black raspberry and rhubarb with pepper, herbs and spices, stewed plums and a hint of mint, within an integrated oak structure.

Cab Franc-2018

Our flagship red wine has won over many with its expressive flavours of tobacco, dark spice, herbaceous green pepper and hint of mint, while maintaining supple tannins and dark berry flavours.

Living Desert Red 2016

Bordertown’s signature red blend has the classic Bordeaux trio of grapes – Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot – showcasing red and black fruits, dark chocolate and wild herbs.


The south Okanagan is excelling at Cabernet Sauvignon, as shown by this version that bursts with black fruits and blackcurrant, with pleasant hints of bell pepper and mint. Big and intense.

malbec 2017-web

Our family vineyards are now host to this grape, which shows off its intense ripe red fruits, black raspberry, and hints of cinnamon and mulled spices. At the same time, it has a supple, velvety texture and wonderfully integrated tannins.

Syrah 2017

Syrah is a grape fulfilling its promise in the Okanagan. Ours was aged in new and seasoned American oak barrels. It features black fruits with hints of smoked meat and cracked pepper, finishing with savoury notes.


Petit Verdot allows for a rich, dark wine showing a dense, inky violet appearance, hinting at the ripe, rich aromas of plum and blackberry, solid tannin structure, and palate of black currants, spices, and hints of tobacco.

Reserve Cab Franc-web-medals-2020

Our Cabernet Franc Reserve takes this to the next level. Utilizing some of the Okanagan’s finest vineyard sites, this wine shows off a fantastic expression of zesty dark fruit intensity, just the right amount of herbaceous bell pepper and tinge of mint, and a lush, rich palate that is maintained right through to its lengthy finish.

Reserve Merlot-web-medals copy

Our Merlot Reserve comes from special vineyard blocks on our Osoyoos estate, producing some of the south Okanagan’s finest fruit, cropped for low yields to show off the inherent high quality.

Chardonnay 2016-medals copy

Shows a rich, ripe, honeyed character, with full body and textural layers, and tropical fruits like pineapple, melon and peach. Aged in French oak for five months, it has a slight buttery mouthfeel.

Dry Riesling 2018

Our Dry Riesling is an example of how this aromatic Germanic grape varietal can be made in a bright, crisp dry style, showing flowery, almost perfumed aromas and zesty lemon and lime flavours.


This grape is Austria’s gift to the wine world, and Bordertown is one of the few Okanagan wineries to produce it. It has a profile of white peach and apricot, with a balanced acidity.


Muscat is an exotic grape that has been used for centuries in producing floral and fruity wines. Ours is typically perfumey, with flavours of peach and white flowers, set within a zesty citrus structure.


This varietal from France began as a minor blend grape that left to find fame and fortune elsewhere in the wine world. Ours is fruity, with bright aromas and flavours, boasting lovely peach and pear fruit.

Living Desert White 2017

Bordertown’s signature aromatic white blend is comprised of Muscat, Gewurztraminer and Gruner Veltliner, which give it notes of refreshing peach and tropical fruit, with stone fruit minerality.


Our popular Pinot Gris shows honeyed tropical fruit flavours and hints of banana and blood orange on top of a crisp, dry backbone. A versatile, mass appeal white wine.


The exotic spicy nature of the Gewurztraminer grape is well served by the hot desert sun in our vineyards. Shows aromas and flavours of lychees, citrus, apricot, pineapple and banana.


This vintage of Chardonnay bypasses time in oak barrels to bring out its true aromas and flavours of green apple, zesty lemon, pineapple and pear. It’s lush, rich and gorgeous.