BC Food and Wine Radio Show February 2020

On February 28, Mohan and Paul were superstars during a live tasting on the BC Food and Wine Radio Show with Co-hosts Anthony Gismondi and Kasey Wilson during the Vancouver International Wine Fest.

Heard weekly on the BC Food and Wine Radio Network, Anthony and Kasey set the table for the weekend, pointing you to great wine buys, the best in restaurant dining and all things connected to food and wine.

We would not have been more delighted to have the chance to discuss Bordertown’s exciting growth plans while tasting a portfolio of wines.  We also tasted Bordertown’s new Hard Pressed cider that has literally been flying off the shelves.

The March 12 show is also posted here: https://www.iheartradio.ca/bnn-bloomberg-radio-1410/shows/b-c-food-and-wine-radio-1.3349209

Turn your radio to your local #EZRock station for the BC Food and Wine show. The show is also available on demand via podcast wherever you get your podcasts, and at https://www.iheartradio.ca

Happy listening!