Bringing in the Grapes!

It’s been a gorgeous fall in Osoyoos. This week, the week weather conditions were ideal for harvesting our flagship, staple grape, Cabernet Franc.

Year to year climate variations will affect timing of the harvest season.

Cabernet Franc is a later maturing red variety. When harvested late, the grapes mature to create more complex and concentrated flavours.

The fruit is just amazing!

The timing of the grape harvest is one of the most important decisions affecting the winemaking process.

Mohan has been in the vineyards daily to determine the best time for our Cabernet Franc harvest. He monitors the physiological ripeness of our grapes to determine the optimal time to pick. Acid levels in wine are very important as they give it balance and structure. The aromas are vibrant and the acidity is high.

Our grapes are hand picked – Cabernet franc’s moderately long bunch stem makes it easy to pick by hand.

Mohan is very excited about this year’s flavourful Cabernet Fran grapes. He’s tireless in his efforts because he knows that a great bottle of wine reflects the hard work in the vineyards. All that care and consistency in the vineyards really pays off.

So long harvest! It’s a wonderful time of the year. It’s been a harvest to remember.

We will have really nice full-bodied wines with great fruit expression to look forward to!