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The full potential of the land can only be realized with a team of tireless, dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who embrace my vision. Each member of my team brings with them a rich knowledge base and a thirst to learn more and create something special.
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Mohan Gill- Owner and Chief ViticulturistIMG_1076

Mohan Gill grew up in rural India in a farming family. The Gill family immigrated to Canada and continued their farming heritage in Osoyoos.  The family was one of the first farmers to recognize the Osoyoos region’s grape-growing potential. Combining their strong traditional values with an investment in the best technology the world of viticulture has to offer, the Gills have become a major contributor to the premium wines coming out of British Columbia.

In November, 1994, Mohan Gill purchased an orchard that was mainly mixed fruit. In 2005, with his keen farmer’s sense, Mohan cultivated his passion for viticulture by planting our first grapes on the estate.

At a young age, Mohan learned to love the vineyards, and planned to one day give his own children that same wonderful experience. He has worked hard to ensure that he continues to uphold the Gill Family’s reputation for excellence. As an independent and highly respected grape grower, Mohan has developed a reputation for quality fruit that goes into awarding-winning wines from a number of producers. With a keen sense of entrepreneurship, Mohan has doubled the estate’s holdings and significantly expanded its operations.

As a family-run operation, Mohan has had a long desire to transform small lots of high quality grapes to enjoyable wines. In 2012, Mohan took the next step and branched into producing some terrific wines and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our own estate vineyards are lovingly overseen by Mohan. His objective is to produce limited quantities of premium estate grown wines. Mohan really wanted to taste what he has been growing all year long. That’s helps us create the best product possible Today, Mohan and his family produce 5 varietals.

Mohan is responsible for all our estate vineyards, and the Team that manage them, ensuring that the quality and quantity of the grapes produced meet our requirements and, most importantly, our customers. Watch for Mohan keeping an eye out for visitors while checking out the health of the vines.

“We’ve opened our winery to showcase our passion for growing wine grapes – because great wine starts in the vineyard. It’s been a really good growing season and the quality of our grapes looks really great.”
– Mohan Gill

It’s an exciting time for us!  In May, 2015, our new family-owned winery will be enhanced by the addition of a distinctive tasting room. The setting for our winery provides vistas of our vineyards- a perfect setting for tasting our wines.

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“You really want to taste what you have done all year long. That’s why we do it, that’s what helps us create the best product possible.”
-Mohan Gill

All grapes are processed on the Estate to create our range of high quality wines. We aim to achieve a balance of fruit, structure, texture and flavour. The vines have been carefully contour planted in locations that take best advantage of our terroir, and the interplay between climate and soil variation.

Mohan tailors his canopy and crop management techniques to fit the need of each variety. Pruning is another critical aspect of his crop management program.

Daniel Bontorin

Daniel has been a consultant winemaker since 2005 where he contributed to the early success of notable BC wineries such as Le Vieux Pin and Quinta Ferriera. Daniel has since added to his growing portfolio his own label, Seven Directions, which focusses solely on producing single-vineyard rosé wines – the first winery of its kind in the Okanagan. We are very excited to have such a passionate winemaker advising our team!

Here’s what Daniel had to say about what he enjoys most about making wine in an iconwines.ca blogpost:


Like a chef, having the freedom to create a wine that I created and appreciate, knowing that this wine will be enjoyed by many others. I am Italian and grew up with food, wine and Sunday family gatherings. Winemaking to me is not only an art but a lifestyle to be shared.”

– Daniel Bontorin iconwines.ca

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